Monday, May 20, 2013

May Earring Swap Blog Hop Reveal

Today was supposed to be the reveal for a May Earring Swap Blog Hop hosted by Jessica Murray of Whimsical Monkey Artisan Jewelry. However, on Friday a few bad apples harassed her about the few rules that there were (3 people, really?) and she canceled the reveal with a very bad taste in her mouth. Many of us decided to go ahead and post about the earrings we sent and received, and I decided to do so as well.

My partner was Marde Lowe of FanciMar Designs. We exchanged emails and I checked out her web page and Facebook page, but she said she wasn't sure she had a personal style, so I sort of went on my own for designs. On to my favorite place for inspiration, Pinterest!

I found a wire wrapped earring I really liked on a Hungarian website (pinned here) - a lot of the blog posts had photo tutorials on them, but this post just had a link that no longer went anywhere (sigh). But by checking the comments, I found out the design was based on a PIPA Chinese knot. With that, I ran a Google search and found an illustrated knot site for the PIPA Chinese knot that I could follow here. After about 2 practice rounds with 16 gauge Copper, I actually made earrings that were the same size and didn't have a ton of tool marks on them! I topped them with a multicolor lampwork bead and a light blue Swarovski bicone. I put them on long kidney wire hooks to finish them.

Because most blog hoppers send extras, I made a second pair too, with Czech beads. They are in Copper too, but a more simple style (my fingers couldn't handle any more wire work, LOL). I made a swirl on the front of the diamond striped beads but that's as fancy as I got. Still, I think they're pretty nice!

Marde sent me 2 beautiful blue pairs of earrings! I really like the dangle earrings. Better watch out for me when I wear those Evil Eye ones, too.

I am still including the list of original participants. Like I said, many of them planned to still post, but not all. Hopefully you will see a few earrings if you pop around!

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Nancy Smith:
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Beccy Peterson: Beccy's Baubles
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