Monday, August 13, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Yesterday at the North Village Farmer's and Artisan's Market was an interesting day: cool with a good rain about half the time. No exaggeration - we haven't seen a soft rain like that in months. Turns out, it was spotty - it hardly rained at all at my home, just 15 minutes away.

In between showers, we had lots of visitors. As it turned out, it was "cute kid" day.
  • A young boy about 7-8 came by with his mom and older brother, and he and Mom were looking at my adjustable rings. He picked up the shiniest one and said, "I think my wife would like this one." His mom burst out laughing!
  • About two hours later, a 10 year old boy came by with Mom's phone and asked if he could take pictures of my booth. Sure, go right ahead! He said, "Did you make ALL of this?" I told him that I did. "Maybe you could be my Grandma." Oh, how cute!
Huh? Uh, wait a minute....

Can't I just be your Aunt, 'cuz I am not old enough to be your Grandma.

Anyway, I kept that comment to myself, and said, "I could make jewelry for your girlfriends." He replied, "Yeah for our anniversary."
  • Last, a cute redheaded girl came by and headed right for the earrings. She said that on her 9th birthday (which is January 23rd, by the way) she was going to get her ears pierced. She asked me, "So, what should I look for in an earring when I get them pierced?" She was a serious as a heart attack. Smiling, I told her that when she first got her ears pierced, she would probably want to look for post earrings and that later, she could start looking for dangle earrings. But first and foremost, look for earrings that she likes. We had a wonderful conversation about returning to school, how she was going into 3rd Grade at Russell Blvd. Elementary, and I told her that's where my daughter went. It was quite a mature conversation for an 8 year old!


  1. Really cute story! I bet those little ones, just made the entire day worthwhile!

  2. They are the best, and my best customers at events. :)

  3. They are the best, and my best customers at events. :)